Construction Partnering.

Client Reviews

“Contractor John High was great to work with, constantly keeping our team and the client informed with what was going on with the site, alerted us when issues would arise, and were responsive whenever we had questions or concerns.

There were several extremely difficult installations that and our team worked through together to achieve the best detail, within schedule and within budget. A complicated glazing system; ceiling systems that organized lighting and HVAC; a Skyfold folding partition that collapses into the ceiling; complicated A/V systems, among other specialties are just a few items that took the utmost care to coordinate within this space, and they all work perfectly. We could not have done these details without a contractor on board with the capabilities of organizing all of these installations.”

– Perkins + Will architecture and design firm

“John High and Gene Davis–you are great to work with!  You constantly kept our management team informed about what was going on with the site, alerting us when issues arose and promptly responded when we had questions or concerns.

We required exact placement of the medical gas and scavenger system, as well as ceiling-mounted operating lights, that were critical to creating the working space and functionality for our doctors.  We opted to install stainless steel kennels, which were fitted with glass doors and fit perfectly with existing block walls, along with the building of new concrete block dividing walls.  The exterior walking area was literally created from the ground up.  Nothing there existed that met our needs.  A new wood privacy fence with gates is serving our needs very well and is functioning exactly as we anticipated.  We could not have accomplished this without the vision of John and Gene to make our ideas a reality. 

John and Gene, you can be sure that our next undertaking will include you, and our team truly appreciated the hard work you put into making this project a true success story.”

– Christine A. Webber, Administrator

“The quality of our facility is completely attributed to your service as our general contractor.  As I look around the halls of the facility, the results of your work are clearly illustrated in the workmanship of the complete rehabilitation that you meticulously led.  In addition to the quality of the final product, there are a couple of attributes I find essential for a GC and as noted below, JW Building Construction exceeded our expectations.

Reliability – I tie reliability to an organization’s ability to fulfill commitments.  In the case of our relationship, you provided a comprehensive outline of what our timeline would look like and any potential delays to expect.

Competitive pricing – We interviewed four GCs and found your presentation to provide the most transparent pricing information.  Moreover, it was clear that your offerings were competitive with other organizations, and we are delighted that the competitiveness did not imply less quality.

Personality/customer engagement – It was important to us to work with an organization that was patient with our lack of knowledge of the process and an agency that was responsive to our questions and was attentive to our needs and queries.  

In summary, John, we wouldn’t be here at the level of quality we have without your expertise–THANK YOU!  As we look to grow our business, we look forward to working with you again to grow our commitment to seniors and their care needs.

– Ann-Marie A. Knight, MHA, FACHE, Owner