Construction Partnering.

Construction Partnering

JW Building Construction encourages Construction Partnering with all of its clients

Construction Partnering is a project management philosophy that’s designed to improve communication between owners, contractors, architects and engineers. Developed by the Construction Industry Institute, Construction Partnering is a process built on commitment to common goals and objectives by all parties.

Construction Partnering builds goodwill and trust, helping to eliminate surprises and disagreements.

Because it encourages open communication, the parties partnering on the project can anticipate and resolve problems and minimize disputes through informal conflict management procedures.

Studies of nearly 300 projects by the CII show the benefits of construction partnering. The results speak for themselves:

  • 10% reduction in total costs
  • 25% increase in profitability
  • 20% reduction in overall project completion time
  • 48% reduction in schedule changes
  • 83% reduction in number of claims
  • 80% reduction in change orders
  • 30% increase on job satisfaction

Construction Partnering isn’t a softening of contract terms, but an opportunity for free work or a hinderance to the process.

Construction Partnering creates an environment for total quality management by emphasising the long-term approach of improving the process. It gives the project’s parties the ability to work together more closely in an open environment that fosters communication.

Construction Partnering can be used for nearly any project.

Here are some of JW Building Construction’s natural partnering program elements:

  • Goals for the project
  • Lines of communications
  • Key expectations
  • Problem resolution process
  • Identification of potential challenges
  • Establish follow-up schedule

Ask about the difference Construction Partnering can make on your next project!