Construction Partnering.

Silver Shores Living

The owners of Silver Shores Living had a vision of providing a place where seniors would truly feel at home.  They called on JWBC to turn an outmoded office building into a warm, comfortable, inviting space to create community among those looking for an alternative to living alone or in a nursing home in their later years.  In addition to constructing cozy bedrooms and ADA-accessible restrooms with showers, JWBC created a kithen where residents can cook together, a dining room where they can share meals, and an activity room where they can socialize.  Silver Shores Living held its grand opening in the fall of 2015.

“In summary, we wouldn’t be here at the level of quality we have without your expertise–THANK YOU!  As we look to grow our business, we look forward to working with you again to grow our commitment to seniors and their care needs.  Thanks for doing your part meticulously so that we can focus on the needs of our senior clients.”

– Ann-Marie A. Knight, MHA, FACHE, Owner